Get to Know the Methods of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a type of marketing done through modern technology like the internet and phones. It has become more vital lately due to the huge increase of internet use and the recent passion for modern technology. The number of internet users in Arab countries had reached 135.6 million by the end of 2013. The internet has become the main way to find a piece of information or search for a product. There are many methods of digital marketing, so you have to know all the types and ways to choose the right one that will work with your marketing campaign.


Email Digital Marketing:


Email digital marketing is considered to be one of the first methods in the field. It includes marketing a product or a service on a data base targeting a certain category of customers through email. This method is considered to be the best due to its cheap cost, the ability to target the right category, its easy use and tracking by certain programs, its easy publicity and the increased profit on investment from using it.


Search Engines Optimization:


Search engine optimization is considered to be the art of increasing the appearance of your website in the first results of the first pages of search engines like Google. This can be done by targeting keywords in your websites to appear first in search engines. There are types of search engine optimization techniques like content writing and blogs. The most important features of search engines optimization are:

- Less cost compared to paid ads like Google Adwords.

- The increase of visitors and followers of your website for free.

- Achieving a profit on investment better than paid ads.

- You will get to know new products through keywords that clients search for. If you’re first in the first results of search engines, it will earn you huge popularity and reputation of being the best in your field which will increase sales.

- You will be a source of confidence for people searching for anything.


Paid Ads:


Paid ads are adverts that appear in search engines and they are one of the fastest ways of digital marketing. They appear besides or on top of search results and they depend on keywords you use for your ad to appear in search engines. Its most important features are:

- Fast results.

- Controlling your company’s budget through the goals of its sales since you’ll only pay if someone clicks on your ad.

- Huge publicity for your site.

- Easy tracking through keywords to find out its development.






Social Network Channels:


Social media is a kind of direct communication with your clients to highlight the value of your products or services and increase its popularity through multiple social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. Social media marketing can be either paid or unpaid and it’s most important features are:

- Fast and easy content publishing.

- Increasing sales and popularity of your brand through social media.

- Targeting a specific category efficiently and knowing the needs of your customer.

- Finding followers for your page and increasing their numbers.

- Fast replies to followers and knowing their reactions in a short period of time.

- Increasing visitors on your website and climbing search engine results through directing your social media followers to your site indirectly.


Website Advertising:


Website advertising is different from paid ads; it’s advertising on websites owned by other people. The most important features of this type of marketing are:

- Advertising for website users is cheaper than traditional ads.

- Paying the ad company only once no matter what the results are.

- Measuring results easily.

- Reaching clients easily and on a bigger, wider scale.







Mobile App Marketing:


Mobile app design is one of the biggest methods of digital marketing because of the huge number of smart phones users around the world and the quick delivery of information in the right time. The most important features of this type of marketing are:

- An app in general is a something that is on the user’s device 24/7, so having an app for your product or service provides a golden opportunity for the user to keep seeing it whenever they use their smart phone.

- The best thing about smart phone apps is that they give the company the ability to communicate with their clients at the present time through the geographical location. This is all complete with the client’s personal data and creating new income opportunities from current clients.