15 Valuable Tips for Graphic Designers

Graphic designers can make their pictures simpler and more beautiful through some subtle adjustments. Poppie Pack, who is one the most known graphic designers, created 50 pictures that each represents and depicts a valuable tip in graphic designing. These pictures highlight ways you can make designing decisions that make your pictures more professional yet simple. We chose the best 15 tips to share with you:


1.      Use Bold and Dark fonts for emphasis.

2.      Crop and zoom the picture until it looks like a background.

3.      Fonts have their unique personalities, make sure you convey your message using the right font.

4.      Merge fonts that have a geometric shape with the Serif font for a unique outcome.

5.      Use a Grid design with one of the pictures as a Text Box.

6.      Choose multiple different fonts.

7.      The way you insert text in a design is an important element, so make sure you break the sentence and insert it the way it should be read.

8.      Study the aspects of the photo to decide where to insert the text to make it look attractive.

9.      Use shapes to create contrast and separate the text from the background image.

10.  Make a collage of your favorite photos using Grid and make sure to put the same filter on each image for consistency.

11.  Cover part of the image with a color matching the original image’s colors to get a consistent design that allows space to add a clear, easy to read text.

12.  To get a more beautiful design, adjust all the elements in your photo so they are on corresponding angles.

13.  Add a layer on the original photo with the right tint then make it transparent to get a beautiful background.

14.  Use the good areas in the picture to insert the text on.

15.  Use big, clear fonts to show the importance of a message.