5 Extremely Useful Social Networks for Programmers.

This article will display the top five social networks for developers and programmers where you can share projects and receive solutions for any programming problem you may face. These platforms also allow for debates with other developers in the same field and contribute in projects that thousands of developers are working on.


HTML5 Rocks


It's an open-source project from Google and a special network for HTML5 developers. It includes different subjects and lessons that any person can add to, adjust, or offer suggestions all through discussions and conversations.




TopCode is a forum for web designers and developers where they can exchange designs and experience and ultimately receive the best advice. The site includes an page that allows users to share a brief about yourself, your work, and your skills to be able to find a job or a project.




A network that needs no introduction. There isn’t a programmer out there who doesn’t know GitHub, it’s the biggest open community for programmers in every field where they can share their work and contribute in writing other codes available on the website. It can be said that GitHub was created originally to simplify the concept of sharing programming in an open-source manner.



Sourceforge is a forum for developers that can be considered to be a private platform to connect colleagues, share opinions about different programming projects, receiving advice from programmer in the same field, detect programming errors and contribute in developing codes and adding new input.





Snipplr was designed to solve the problem of having way too many scattered, random codes in the HTML language. It can be considered to be a place to keep all stored codes in one place for better organization and access.



DZone is a site for programmers and developers where they can share their projects and receive advice from other programmers. The site allows you to create your own page that has a small brief about yourself and the most important projects they did. They can also find job opportunities through the site.



It’s a forum for web developers that enables them to share codes they wrote and website designs that they created. They can also search for solutions to any problem they face and get advice and input from colleagues. The site has a large library for codes that is renewed every day until the programmer finds the solutions they need in any language they’re working on.



Bettercodes enables developers to connect to each other and categorize programmers that think on the same levels and have similar ideas. The site focuses on the developers of PHP especially. Through the site, programmers can share codes and projects, discuss them, and contribute in solving problems.



It’s one of the first social networks that offers the question-answer service to developers and programmers to help them in any programming issues they face in any project they work on. What distinguishes this site is its huge popularity which attracted the best programmers and web developers in the world. This means that problems can be solved quickly and in a short span of time. The site also features a system to rate the best programmers and developers, not to mention the feature of searching for jobs in the biggest international companies.



It’s an open-source community for developers to share ideas and turn them into programming codes. The purpose of the website is to create a cooperative environment between developers to participate in programming projects in their field.