How to Turn your Phone to a Programming Platform

Whichever teaching method you choose to start your journey in programming, make sure you try new things that are out of the box. Even if you have years of experience, there’s still more to learn and keep up with in the evolution of programming.

While you’re waiting at the train station or in public transportation, these following applications will help you increase your experience in programming easily. You’ll simply just need your phone and an internet connection to follow up with your work.




It’s not only an application, but a series of multiple applications designed to each programming languages. Afterwards, you can learn the basics and dive into any field you want like JavaScript, Java, Sql, PHP, ++C and many other programming languages.

It’s an extremely useful application because it explains all instructions in a simplified manner and never misses a piece of information. You can simply write a code on it and check for mistakes. Other than practices, there are lessons and contests and tests to check your knowledge. There’s also a comments sections to help you in any question you have.

Available with iOS and Android.


Algorithms: Explained and Animated


This app explains algorithms with its specific details while simplifying in a smooth way. It also includes algorithms in coding and security. It’s very useful, simple, and includes exercises and tests. So don’t worry because it’s not that complicated!


Available on iOS and Android.



This application covers anything web-related from A-Z. It includes programming languages like CSS3 and HTML5 etc. It allows you to skip the beginner’s level if you want to speed things up and move forward and dive deep into this field.


Available on Android.



It’s the perfect application for this field and very convenient for beginners. It has an in-depth for coding and applications. The lessons are short and light so you can learn programming Android applications without feeling frustrated or nervous.


Available on iOS and Android.


Focus Keeper


This application helps you invest 25-30 minutes of your day to focus on following up on what you already accomplished in the field of programming. Focus Keeper works as a sort of reminder or alarm with the Promodoro technique which will help you maintain a steady level of productivity and avoid exhaustion by simply using the timer.

Available on iOS.




Finally, as a small addition to those interested in developing iOS applications, there is Code SWIFT to start learning the SWIFT language used in iOS.

Available on iOS.