Simple and Free: Learn Programming with the New Grasshopper Application from Google!

Grasshopper is considered to be the newest production by the Area 120 team. The team includes some of the current Google employers in addition to architects and other talents that left their firms to work on their own projects or start-up companies. They previously released useful applications like Uptime to watch YouTube videos in sync with friends from around the world, and Supersonic for Emoji fanatics.

“Programming has become an essential skill, and we want to make everyone able to learn even if they have busy lives. We created Grasshopper to help people enter the world of programming in an easy, entertaining way.” – Developing Team.

The app includes a series of courses in the form of riddles and contests that get harder gradually as you go forward. The app will start with “The Fundamentals Phase” where you can learn the basics of programming, especially in the JavaScript language like importing functions, variables use, and arrays, etc. Users understand how the programming code works in addition to two more courses to learn animation by using 3D models, then it moves to more complicated challenges. You can also schedule a time for practice to receive a notification to start the daily lessons.

The developing team has stated that they are not currently focused on expanding beyond learning the basics of JavaScript, a language used by more than 70% of professional developers, but that they will add more content to the basics section over the coming months. It will enable users to know more about other languages like CSS, HTML, and web design languages in general. The founder of the app and one of the lead product managers in Google, Laura Holmes, states: “we view Grasshopper as a starting platform to help introduce people to programming. For almost third of our users, Grasshopper is their first encounter with it. Many people believe that programming isn’t important to them or don’t view it as an applicable career course, and we want to help change that belief.”


Grasshopper also offers motivational features like accomplishments, progress levels, programming tapes, and how many days you’ve been learning. It also includes a ‘Code Playground’ where you can apply what you’ve learned in programming by writing any code and previewing it in a very basic, simple way. There’s also the option of displaying any problems you have on the support forum to receive immediate help.

It’s also important to mention that the app developers chose the name Grasshopper as a show for appreciation to the American computer scientist Grace Hopper, who accomplished huge things in the field of programming. She was the first to suggest an English computer language, one of the first programmers for the Harvard Mark computer, and one of the most important programmers who created the internet world we know today.


Google’s Grasshopper application is now available to download for free on iOS and Android.