Why Should You Learn Programming?

Where do programming languages stand in our lives?

We do many different activities in our lives that rely on applications built on programming languages or codes. Whether it’s by using the phone, browsing the internet, or buying and selling; programming now basically runs our world.

For this reason, dealing with programming languages or devices languages in general should not be any less important than human languages. Even though it may take a while for programming to become one of the main skills being taught in schools like reading and math.

Programming languages differ substantially from our own. For example, if we want to learn a certain language like English or French, practicing listening and speaking is a main thing to start with. However, with programming the main thing is to be able to think the way a computer ‘thinks’ by taking apart the big problems and finding the suitable solutions.


Who controls your life’s path?

One of the common mistakes being taught in some educational platforms is that using applications (like Microsoft Office and such) is called computer engineering. However, using computer tools and applications is different than actually creating them.

There are some studies that splits people into two categories: those who program applications and those who only use them. That is how it’s confirmed that if you don’t know the operating system of these programs in the first place and how decisions are being made through them, then you are from those people who live their entire lives based on decisions put by these applications and programs for you to follow.


Programming and Wide-ranged Internet

What makes writing or creating applications and programs interesting is that having the internet makes everything and anything possible. The world of Internet is a free, wide-ranged place where you can connect with people from all around the world. It’s a world where being old or young, rich or poor, or even from any country, does not matter at all. All that matters is how you prove yourself and your capabilities to that world, and whether you can solve the problem of a certain group of people or attract them with your ideas and ambitions. There are many people who started by solving or simplifying certain operations in a small community until the idea stuck and developed to reach an international level, turning it to an investment that generates income and benefits its creator.


Programming Languages in Engineering and Other Sciences

There are studies that state that whatever your field is; engineering or any other science, having the skill of programming makes you work 10 to 100 times faster than those who do not have this skill in the same field. It also gives you the ability to reach more creative solutions to any problem.

What is meant by finishing your work ten times faster is when, for example, you code a program to organize work that needs constant mathematical work takes a whole week to finish manually to make it only take a few hours to finish instead.

As for finishing a 100 times faster, it can be showcased in how there are many companies that struggle with the difficulty to explain accurately what they need from specific programs that serve their work in their own domain. It’s difficult for an architect for example to deliver a certain idea to a computer programmer due to the difference in concepts between their fields. However, when there is a person that connects those two fields together, it completes the communication of an idea between the two parties appropriately. This doesn’t mean that they need to be a professional in programming languages but they only need to understand the important basics.