What is Web Design?

Web Design? 

The term "Web Design" allows you to create web pages such as google, youtube and other sites that you browse daily. Site construction is done in two stages are: -
Full design of the shape of the site content and elements .. Drawing can be drawn on paper or on the paint or any tool that helps you to arrange content and format comfortably for the user and is the key element of the success of the site.
Then use the Internet languages such as html and javascript to create a site and insert elements and content in the design and css to coordinate them to match the interface.

The design process has developed several times. It started in 1995 instead of writing command lines such as DOS to insert elements into the site page. The page has been divided into tables inside some of them representing the structure or the template which starts to transform the design in which the site is located. Tables contain rows and columns that form cells. A cell or group of cells is defined in which elements are inserted. Then flash appeared in 1996 and was a major development in graphics web and you can insert elements in all formats and formats, animation effects and types of lines all this using flash, only the user to download the plugin for the flash and waiting for processing (processing time).

The magic tool appeared. The CSS is a shortcut to Cascading Style Sheets. It is a decorative language that separates them. Between HTML and HTML, the content of the content and the CSS has been modified to the same format in the design. The problem with CSS is that browsers do not understand some commands, some up-to-date with language commands and some are not. With the passage of time and the challenges of web designers such as browsing from mobile and tablets, the use of css and grid systems saved by css is the most appropriate and the fastest way and used to this day. Learn about CSS and its basic understanding of any web designer.

Create any site that starts with the requirement specification and analysis, which is to identify and analyze the requirements. Why is the site created? It may be a personal site for individuals or a site that provides services to the community or corporate or business client. The web designer begins to understand the requirements for which the site is created and to translate it into elements such as images, menus, texts, etc.

And then begins to design the layout of the entire site with its internal pages .. The best tool for the design work is Photoshop for its ease of use and dealing with colors. It also makes it easy for the web designer to encode (execute) the design without any other tool. The design on Photoshop is a replica of the site the same spaces between the elements and colors and lines of sizes and types .. Everything .. It is agreed with the client in the form of the site through the design and is approved by the task and starts the web designer trip Tkweidh.

The web designer should choose the technology to be implemented by the site .. The most common is to use pure html and css any use of the languages of html and css only to create the site. There are methods such as bootstrap, adobe muse and other different technologies. All techniques depend on html and css and use them but in different ways except adobe muse because it converts design to code directly you can not edit it because generated code is not html and css. Abstract The HTML for content and CSS for formatting is everything in the web designer's life :)
Javascript and its famous jQuery library use intercation and animation within the site. It has several other uses, including validation and DOM. JavaScript has the power of its functionality and potential as a basic programming language.

Web design is easy to learn. Html and css are very simple languages and the use of javascript and jQuery will not be an obstacle to those who hate programming. The graphic designer is more fortunate than others in entering the field for his ability to learn to create powerful designs (faster). And those who have the skill of encoding and programming will find the web design (easier). The web design is a field that grows and develops and the roof of your ambitions you can appreciate ..