How to install WordPress on your Personal Device

WordPress is a tool to create and manage websites. It is a free, open source site that you can use and adjust and copy the way you want. WordPress is known for its easy use and conforming with standards. The platform takes up almost 29% of websites around the world according to the latest statistics, and here we will explain how you can install it for your own use in these following steps:


1-     The first step is to download WordPress on your personal device using any web server in order for it work without any need for Internet connection. First, download MAMP, an open source for a server that runs Apache program.


2-     Install MAMP on your device.


3-     When the download is complete, make sure your MAMP preferences are as shown in the picture below; this includes connecting the server correctly with the MySQL and Apache databases. Then choose ‘Start Server’.


4-     Now you can download WordPress from its official website as shown in the picture below


5-     After the download is completed, you need de-compress the file and move it to the document of the MAMP server as displayed in the picture.


6-     And now we reach the most important step which is to set up the WordPress data base. To do so, copy the following link: http://localhost:8888/phpMyAdmin and paste it to the browser as shown below.


7-     Click ‘databases’ at the top and choose a name for the database. In our case here, we’ll choose the name ‘wordpress’. It’s preferred to copy and paste the name to make sure it’s written correctly.


8-     After creating the database, we can modify the WordPress settings folder (wp-config-sample.php) and save the name of the database you created inside the folder as shown below


9-     Now open the settings folder (wp-config-sample.php) and change the name of the database to ‘wordpress’ and the username and password to ‘root’ as shown below.


10-                        Edit the name the settings folder from (wp-config-sample.php) to (wp-config.php) which is a very important step to get WordPress to work. After making this adjustment, paste the following link to the browser.


11-                        After filling all of the required data, you will have installed WordPress. All you have to do now is log in with your username and password that you chose earlier.



Congratulations, now you have successfully installed WordPress and can browse it freely.