Web Design and different types

Web Design (Layout)
Site Content (Content)
Web navigation tools
When a user opens a browser, the Browser Home page is displayed. When a user wants to access a website, the URL of that site is written in the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) or the Uniform Resource Locator The location of the index is similar to the spatial indicators of the addresses placed on the streets and we find that the first part of the indicator refers to the protocol used by the site (http) or (Hyper Text Transport Protocol) the meaning of the protocol and the transfer of text and some sites have the protocol (ftp) instead Of the (http) and the second part of the indicator refers to the site may contain CM company or body on the internet and the third part of the name refers to the index page of the site and then clicking on the Go button (go)
The site follows one of the following groups
(Com.) uses a commercial website or a company's website to promote a product and also uses a website for a specific person or educational site or provides different services
(.org) used for the site of a governmental, educational or other organization
(Edu.) Is used for educational sites
(.gov) used for a government site
The Web site consists of a number of web pages or hypertext documents stored in web servers, and any site consists of two types of pages:
Home: (Home Pages)
Contains the title of the site This page includes the goal of the site and all the contents of the site and contains an introductory introduction leads the user of the site to the subject of the site or the goal - and this page is always located at the front of the site in the search engines, and contains links (internal links) The user to the content and other links connecting the user to other sites
Page titles: - (Content Pages)
We also mentioned that the homepage of the site contains the titles of the contents of the site with links to the contents of those same addresses and each content page contains a link link)) on the home page of the site is a link called (Link Up as each page contains a content link pages Previous and next pages
The page layout should be designed with the appropriate design for the content type and purpose before you begin gathering information and placing it in the content page of the website. The user should feel the page interconnection with each other in terms of content and purpose.
Web page consists of: -
The logo or the logo is the place of the company or the organization of the site. The head of the page contains links that lead the visitor or user to other pages on the site, known as (internal links) and also contains links for interactive services such as mail (Email) and chatting link (Chatting)
-: Body of the page (Body)

It contains the actual content of the page. This section contains text, links, and hot words that lead the user to other pages to clarify the meaning of the word in the text, for example.
Page Footer: - (Footer)
It contains important information about the site such as the name of the author and sometimes the name of the company that designed the site, and the name of the institution or company that included the site is sponsored by the site if it also contains the date of establishment of the site and the latest update of the existence of this information increases the credibility of the site at the user.
What types of websites
Personal Sites
They are informal sites in some cases where they are not supported by an organization or organization. These sites take the character of the person you are talking about in their pages. They serve their directives and objectives. The site visitors are provided with coverage of their activities and works. The site contains many useful links and URLs. Personal interests
Institutional Sites
Commercial and promotional sites that promote a commodity for companies, agencies and institutions, and also include educational, media and other sites
Portal Sites
These are huge sites that include search engines and indexes of topics and companies. These sites offer a lot of information and advertising services.
News & Resources Press (News & Journalistic Site)
It contains news sites, newspapers and electronic magazines
Advocacy Pages
These are sites that revolve around an issue or adopt a point of view such as (anti-narcotics) or (anti-smoking) and are usually responsible for those sites institutions and governmental organizations